Climate, Water and Sanitation Research

Research Calls 2020

  • Research is a key pathway for development innovation and to inform policy-making and program delivery. Investments in research facilitate access to diverse partnerships and networks and contributing toward Bassmati Innovation Community’s mission, vision and objectives. 
  • Providing access to high-quality research and analysis that addresses key climate, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sectors’ gaps assists governments, partners, INGOs, private sector and civil society to improve access to these essential services. 
  • As part of Bassmati Innovation Community efforts to strengthen and elevate action on climate change, water scarcity and key WASH challenges, we are launching a Research Funding Program in this area. This is designed to promote increased understanding, and to explore possible action and responses on the climate challenges in Jordan.

    We invite high quality proposals that examine significant questions of public concern in our thematic areas. 

Calls for Proposals are Now

Remaining Time Until Apllications are Closed:


Eligibility And Evaluation


Applicants must hold a research or teaching position at their respective institutions. Applicants should be living and working in Jordan (citizens or permanent residents). Women and social scientists are strongly encouraged to apply.
Evaluation Criteria Points
Adherence to thematic areas20
Problem formulation and rationale of objectives10
Added value/innovativeness/ impact/ outcomes 30
Team makeup10
Reasonableness of proposed budget 10
Time frame20

* Passing Score is 77 points.
* Time frame must be within 12 months of research.

Application Process:

Download the proposals’ guidelines which detail the content of the proposal and the general terms and conditions that need to be prepared by the applicants.

Gather your team, brainstorm and prepare your proposal thoroughly before the deadline.​

Gather your team, brainstorm and prepare your proposal thoroughly before the deadline.​ Do not forget to upload your proposal that you’ve prepared from step 1.