Support for Innovative Projects | The Climathon

Because opportunities do not just happen... You create them!

  • Do you have the mindset of an innovator? At Bassmati’s Climathon you can be a part of creating the future. Meet Bassmati’s team, and collaborate with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs and experts from across the country.
  • Invent, innovate and connect. Show your adaptability, creativity and resourcefulness by solving unique Water, Sanitation and Climate challenges.
  • Brainstorm, experiment, discuss—then invent the next big thing and present your solutions to the judges. The winning teams get the chance to be enrolled in the complete innovative projects program.
  • Grab your ideas and start innovating.

Calls for applications are now

Remaining Time Until Apllications are Closed:

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Selection Criteria:

The applications will be ranked according to the score achieved for each judging criterion. The applications with the highest scores will be selected for the program. For each award criteria a score from 0 to 15 will be assigned:

0-2 Not Applicable: the application does not meet the relevant criterion or cannot be judged due to missing or incomplete information.

3-5 Very poor: The criterion is inadequately addressed, or includes serious weaknesses.

5-7 Not satisfactory: Although the application broadly addresses the criterion, there still are significant weaknesses.

7-9 Good: The application addresses the criterion well, although improvements would be needed.

9-11 Very Good: The application meets the criterion very well, but certain improvements are still possible.

12-15 Excellent: The application successfully meets all relevant aspects of the criterion in question. Any shortcomings are minor.

Based on the scores of the individual award criteria, a total score will be calculated for each application.

Judging Criteria:

the degree of competence on and around the problem area which the team’s proposed idea will resolve; the extent to which the team has identified the pains to be solved and the gains to be achieved by the customer.​

the team must convince the evaluating committee that they are committed to their startup project, and that they possess or are able to muster the required technical expertise, resources and competences in the Thematic Area needed to execute the business idea​

the anticipated appeal of the proposed solution to the identified customers, the value to be delivered; what pains will it solve, and what gains will be achieved by the customer; an anticipation of future financial returns.​

the team must provide a convincing justification for the choice of technology to execute the business idea and an explanation on why they believe it is the right technology to use to solve the identified problem.​

Clear and well written & innovative solution that will contribute substantially to solving climate, water, sanitation challenge with particular consideration given to solutions coming from and impacting vulnerable groups including refugees, women and youth.​

Application Process:

Download the application’s guidelines which details the content of the application that need to be prepared by the applicants. 

Gather your team, brainstorm and prepare your application thoroughly before the deadline.​

After preparing your application, apply using the online form


Special Considerations

Females Participaition

Applying teams with a female team leader or teams with a 50% ratio of females will be given a 10% bonus in the evaluation.

Inclusive Teams

Inclusive teams having a person with disabilities as a team member will be given 5% bonus in the evaluation.

Addressing Vulnerability

Teams with members from a vulnerable community, marginalized, excluded or destitute people;migrants and displaced communities will be given 5% bonus in the evaluation.