How Can You Contribute

As a Business

Find opportunities to access exceptional talent, innovations and new market opportunities in Jordan’s first WASH and Climate Innovation Community. Be part of the movement that creates tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators.

By working in a partnership such as Bassmati’s Innovation Community, your company’s innovation capacity will be boosted. Bringing together professionals with different backgrounds will trigger the type of innovative thinking that will greatly benefit your company. Therefore, Bassmati Innovation Community gives business the chance to “Sponsor” a call for applications and/or a call for proposals for research specific to the business’s needs, as long as they fall under the “WASH and Climate” sectors.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will find that Bassmati Innovation Community creates a direct avenue of contact with entrepreneurs and innovation players across Jordan. These interactions will greatly contribute to the development of your business. 

Bassmati Innovation Community is educating the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Water, Sanitation and Climate sectors by integrating traditional science and technology programs with entrepreneurial education. When part of an Bassmati’s Innovation Community, your company will have direct access to talent as well as an opportunity to invest in new startups and ventures – a great opportunity to find talent at the source!

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